Take your communications to a whole new level. Our proprietary system provides seamless integration, dynamic cross channel delivery and real time results.

Seamless Integration

Say goodbye to costly IT projects and hassling with service providers. AlertCloud’s integration software ensures that all of your systems can work together immediately, allowing you to focus where you want to—on getting results.

All Your Apps and More

Access your entire suite of communication tools from one convenient portal. AlertCloud’s intuitive interface makes it easy for you to employ and integrate multiple communications channels into one cohesive plan. What happens when a new communication tool enters the market? No problem. AlertCloud will move it into your private cloud where it will sit alongside your existing applications.

Dynamic, Cross-Channel Delivery

Communications take many forms. So should yours. AlertCloud’s proprietary, rules-based engine maximizes the effectiveness of your communications by letting you automatically switch between communication platforms in response to each customer’s individual preferences and behavior. This flexibility and one-to-one customization significantly increases customer engagement, loyalty, and response, dramatically improving your bottom line.

Real Time Reporting

AlertCloud’s rigorous reporting tools allow you to analyze the results of your communications plans so you can continue to improve the effectiveness of your programs. Conduct ROI analyses, A/B testing and increase engagement and results.

Privacy, Security and Flexibility

Given the flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness of cloud computing, it’s no wonder that businesses are moving their communications to the cloud. However, public cloud-based systems can be hacked, spammed and crawled. AlertCloud, on the other hand, provides a private cloud system, providing added security for your business. Originally built to accommodate the strict privacy and security requirements of the healthcare industry and to ensure HIPPA compliance, AlertCloud ensures all of your sensitive data and internal pathways remain secure behind your own firewall. In addition to security, a private cloud provides maximum flexibility. Your cloud will be provisioned with the tools that best meet the specific needs of your business.

Communicate on a higher level with your own private cloud.

“AlertCloud is so easy to use that sometimes I forget how powerful it is. Its like having our own private Facebook, Skype, Twitter, IM system, IVR, and more – customized and branded for our specific needs. Best of all, everything is integrated not only with our internal systems, but with those of our vendors and customers as well. We’ve realized significant cost savings, while improving the effectiveness of our communications. The more we expand the service the better it gets… soon we may just close down our internal IT department all together.”

How Can We Help Your Company?

Getting started with Alert Cloud

Contact Us

Once you’ve spoken with a representative and created an account, AlertCloud will supply you with your own cloud fully loaded with a suite of private communication tools including social media, e-mail, phone, IM, live streaming video, SMS and more.

Connect to your Data

This is easy enough to do in-house, but AlertCloud’s technical support team is happy to provide all the assistance you need.


Create your first communications program. Tell AlertCloud what you want to say, who you want to target and how and when your message should be delivered. AlertCloud will do the rest. You can even tell AlertCloud what to do next based on each individual’s response or lack thereof. Save this plan so next time you want to execute all you need to do is hit send.