All Your Apps and More

Access your entire suite of tools from one portal. New apps can be added seamlessly. No need to hassle with IT or service providers.

Dynamic, cross-channel delivery

Integrate phone, text, skype, social media and more. Switch between them on the fly based on each individual customer’s behavior.

Private and secure

Maximize security, flexibility and control with your own private cloud. Sensitive data is safely stored behind your own firewall.


Connect healthcare providers, clinical labs and patients. Mine data to improve patient care, increase reimbursements and more. IP for HIPAA compliance.


Connect faculty, administrators and students. Boost admissions and distance learning. Easily deliver mass and individualized communications.


Aid cross-agency collaboration, speed emergency response and protect sensitive data with secure, failsafe networks that meet the strictest standards.


Benefit from real time inventory tracking, faster transactions and targeted promotions. Ease supply chain, forecasting, communication and more.


Secure, converged networks deliver the freedom of wireless and high performance networking, and the peace of mind of advanced security and redundancy.